Music from the eye of the storm.

The past eight years have been a challenging time for Brooklyn-based Kohli Calhoun.

Following an unfavorable parting of ways with the producer of her never-released debut in 2008, the singer/songwriter made her retreat from music and unwittingly initiated a personal dark age. It was not until a Brooklyn songwriting community helped her reconnect with her artistic self that Calhoun recognized the error of her ways, and in 2014 she began writing again in a bid to make amends.

Take Me Away is Kohli’s poetic rise from the ashes. Made over the course of the last year, the album is thematically bookended by the singles it has already produced. Two pillars upon which the record stands - one concerning escape, one about wanting to stay - Take Me Away and Phantom serve as a blueprint for the album. The remaining songs are written from the tension point between these two extremes and are steeped in a rare honesty and an endearing pain.